The Civil Justice statistics for October – December 2017 have been published. They show a decrease of 12% in the number of county court claims being issued (reversing the previous trend for them to increase). This decrease appears to be a direct result of the Debt Pre-Action Protocol, as the data shows a marked increase in specified money claims being issued before October 2017 and, thereafter, a sharp decrease.


Whilst the number of specified money claims has decreased by 17% year on year, the number of personal injury claims has continued to increase (9% year on year) and the number of claims being defended and proceeding to trial have also increased slightly (by 3% and 1% respectively by comparison). Interestingly, the statistics also show an 8% annual increase in the number of claims issued for return of goods. As a result, the courts appear to be busier overall, with a slight increase in the amount of time for claims on tracks to reach trial.


The full report can be found here.