If you are an existing client/firm of solicitors, please email/ring us for a fee card or quote.

However, as part of our commitment to transparency, our fees are set out below for our non-solicitor clients (e.g. members of the public) who wish to instruct us for attendance at hearings relating to Debt Recovery (up to £100,000) or Employment tribunals.
You may find more helpful information on our dedicated website for members of the public at SCS Law: www.scs-law.co.uk

  Fee (£)*
Allocation Hearing 250
Application for a Consent Order 200
Application for a Time Order 200
Application for a Tomlin Order 200
Application for an Interim Order 250
Application for an Unless Order 250
Application for Disclosure 250
Application for Judgment (Breach of Consent/Tomlin Order) 250
Application for Order for Sale 250
Application for Payment In/Out 250
Application for Penal Notice (Solicitor/Counsel) 400
Application for Permission to Issue/Enforce a Writ/Warrant 200
Application for Pre-action Disclosure 250
Application for Relief from Sanction 250
Application for Stay of Proceedings 200
Application for Substitution 200
Application for Summary Judgment 250
Application to Add/Remove a Party 200
Application to Adduce Further Evidence 250
Application to Amend 200
Application to Appoint Personal Representative 200
Application to Extend Time For Service 200
Application to Lift Stay 200
Application to Reinstate 250
Application to Set Aside Judgment 250
Application to Set Aside Order 250
Application to Strike Out 250
Application to Suspend Warrant of Execution/Control 250
Application to Transfer Proceedings 200
Application to Vacate Trial Date 250
Application to Vary Order 200
Application to Withdraw Admission 200
Attachment of Earnings Order 200
Case Management Conference 250
Charging Order 200
Costs & Case Management Conference 250
Detailed Assessment Hearing 250
Determination Hearing 200
Directions Hearing 250
Disposal Hearing (Non Personal Injury) 250
Money Judgment 200
Obtain Information from Judgment Debtor 200
Preliminary Hearing 250
Pre-Trial Review Hearing 250
Restoration of Money Judgment 200
Return of Goods 200
Third Party Debt Order 200
Unlawful Interference with Goods 250
Small Claims Trial 2 hours or less
Small Claims (Advocate) 330
Small Claims (Solicitor/Counsel) 460
Fast Track Trial  
Value of the Claim Listed up to 1 day
No more than £3,000.00 500
£3,000.01 - £10,000.00 710
£10,000.01 - £15,000.00 1070
More than £15,000.00 1705
Multi Track Trial  
Day One from 2000


*All fixed fees are:
• for an advocate to attend a hearing listed for 1hr or less unless otherwise specified;
• for attendance in the county court only unless otherwise specified;
• for the hearing types specified given by the court;
• charged according to the time estimate given by the court;
• inclusive of travel and waiting times; and
• inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate;

Cancellation Terms - We will charge:
• 100% of the fee and expenses if you cancel our attendance after 5:30pm on the business day before the hearing; or

• 50% of the fee if we have received papers and you cancel four business days or fewer for a Fast or Multi Track Trial or on the business day before for any hearing to be attended by a Solicitor or Counsel.

We reserve the right to charge you for:
• any expenses incurred in relation to papers sent to the advocate at court;
• any courier or postal charges amounting to more than £10;
• 5p per page for all printing required after first 100 pages;
• any court fee paid by us or the advocate on your behalf;
• a minimum disbursement of £40 plus VAT to cover the cost of a telecon provider if we are to organise a remote hearing;
• an additional £25 administration fee, for a hearing booked on the day before where the hearing is not related to mortgage possession proceedings.


Existing or New Solicitor Clients Please Request a Fee Card Here


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