The 86th Update to the Civil Procedure Rules came in to force on 3 October 2016. The most significant change to the rules is a new Part 52 (Appeals). The new CPR 52.4(1) requires that applications for permission to appeal, unless made to the Court of Appeal, are determined on paper and without an oral hearing. The right of an appellant to request their application is reconsidered at an oral hearing (unless the judge considers the application totally without merit) is preserved.

There are also 5 new  practice directions to accompany the new Part 52:

  • PD 52A - Appeals
  • PD 52B - Appeals in the County Court and High Court
  • PD 52C - Appeals to the Court of Appeal
  • PD 52D - Statutory appeals and appeals subject to special provision
  • PD 52E - Appeals by way of case stated

Other Updates:
- Denton applies even where fraud is suspected
- Rights of Audience Update
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