Friday 1st May 2020

Following updated HMCTS Guidance dated 1st May we confirm the following to all of our clients:

LPC Law are able to attend on all matters whether they are to be heard remotely or in person, however, we have seen a significant shift towards remote hearings. We see this trend continuing until the end of this year whilst travel restrictions are still in place, therefore if your hearing is to be heard remotely, please confirm at the time of booking:

i) Who is to organise the hearing? e.g. you / Court / LPC Law (a disbursement will be added to your hearing fee to cover the cost of the telecon provider if LPC Law are to arrange it); and either

ii) The contact details of all other interested parties, if LPC Law are to arrange it; or

iii) The hearing medium (e.g. name of telecon provider; Skype; court dialing out etc.) if LPC Law are not to arrange it.

If you have an upcoming hearing booked with LPC Law that currently requires an advocate to attend in person please contact the court to confirm this is still the case. If by 4.00pm the day before the listed hearing we have the matter booked in our diary as requiring attendance in person and this has not been confirmed by you we will cancel the matter from our diary.  This is to ensure our advocates do not travel to court unnecessarily.

We thank you for your understanding during these difficult times.

Opening Hours

Our offices hours have varied to 09:00-18:00 Monday-Friday only. The majority of our staff are working from home, therefore although our phone lines are being answered, with fewer members of staff in the office, we would ask, where possible, that non-essential communication (for hearings not in the next 24 hours) is emailed to us or sent via LPC Online.

Please feel free to contact Partner & Head of Client Services, Michael Javaherian if you require anything further.