Court Strikes September: What we know

There are warnings of countrywide disruption and court closures as a result of industrial action by Court security staff, later this week and next.


On 22, 25, 27 and 29 September, members the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) will be staging a 500-person strike in relation to a pay dispute. Court security staff are employed by outsourced contractor, OCS, rather than HMCTS itself.


HMCTS has yet to publish the details of which Court buildings will be closed as a result of the strike action, and whether cases will be heard remotely or moved to other hearing centres. HMCTS anticipates they will be able to publish a list of affected locations on Friday 22 September, the first day of the strikes. So far, we know that Manchester Civil Justice Centre will be shut on all 4 strike days, and that they are starting to send out notifications for remote hearings replacing attended hearings.


Once we know more about which Courts will be affected, and what is happening to cases, we will provide an update.

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