83rd Update to the Civil Procedure Rules

The 83rd update to the Civil Procedure Rules has been published, with the majority of the amendments coming into effect on the 1st and 6th April 2016.

Whilst the most anticipated amendments are to Parts 73 and 89 to facilitate the centralisation of Charging Order and Attachment of Earnings applications, there are several other amendments of significance, including:

  • Amendments have been made to Practice Direction 3E to provide that only the first page of the Precedent H form is to be exchanged where the value of the claim is under £50,000 or the costs are less than £25,000;

  • Practice Direction 4 has been updated to group forms together by subject-matter and to reflect that a large number of forms have been revised and updated;

  • CPR Part 47 and Practice Direction 47 have been amended to require that details of costs budgets are to be provided when a detailed assessment of costs is undertaken; and

  • Practice Direction 52C has been amended to enable skeleton arguments to be provided to accredited law reporters and the media for cases being heard in the Court of Appeal.


A full list of the amendments to the Civil Procedure Rules, Practice Directions and court forms can be found here.

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