HMCTS currently list hearings to be heard in person and remotely and practice varies from court to court. Accordingly and in order to continue to try and ensure the safety of our advocates, LPC Law are unable to attend a court building unless we have received either explicit confirmation from the relevant court that your hearing is going ahead in person or alternatively that the matter is listed as a possession hearing.

Please contact the court to ascertain:

  1. Is the hearing proceedings remotely or in person? and
  2. If appropriate which method is to be used? (e.g. Telephone, Teams, CVP, Skype) and
  3. Who is responsible for making the arrangements?

If the court has nominated you to organise a remote hearing by telephone LPC Law can arrange this for you upon request. Please ensure that you provide us with the contact details for all interested parties to be added to the remote hearing. LPC charge a minimum disbursement of £40 plus VAT to cover the cost of the telecon provider.

In the absence of the above we shall treat your booking as a remote hearing which you do not require LPC Law to organise. The contact details of the advocate will be emailed to you when the Advocate has accepted the instruction and will be available via LPC Online 5 working days before the hearing for you to provide to the court/your telecon provider as appropriate.

Please feel free to contact Partner & Head of Client Services, Michael Javaherian (michael.javaherian@lpc-law.co.uk) if you require anything further.

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